The Impeachment Agenda

Both President Trump and the American people are experiencing a grave injustice.


Brief Reflection of Federalist Papers 9 & 10

Hamilton: A “firm union” should balance power between a federal government and states represented in a Senate. This is necessary to prevent grievances caused by “domestic faction and insurrection,” while also protecting the ability of states to self-govern. The “petty republics” of history, or those that had a democratic nature and lacked unified authority, constantly … Continue reading Brief Reflection of Federalist Papers 9 & 10

Sanctuary Campus: It’s illegal.

Texas State University is currently violating federal and state laws without consequences. Under current immigration law, universities are prohibited from providing most forms of public assistance to illegal immigrants; moreover, public schools are required to report illegal aliens to authorities- both of which Texas State University is violating by granting in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. … Continue reading Sanctuary Campus: It’s illegal.