A Lockean Reflection of Government (Hillsdale College Assignment)

Why, according to John Locke, should one abandon the freedom of nature to join civil society, and what does he constitute as a legitimate government?


Israel, lead the way.

Israel is a talented nation that somehow manages to defend itself, even though it is surrounded by the some of the most vicious regimes in the world. It it is also one of the most hated nations- much like the United States. It is obvious that there are closeted antisemites in the UN, evident by … Continue reading Israel, lead the way.

American Progressivism

The times have certainly changed for America since she won her independence from a despotic British Empire. The Founding Fathers earned the responsibility to craft a brilliant federalist system of government, implementing mechanisms to separate powers and limit its scope. The American people, the lucky recipients of this great experiment, have experienced liberty, prosperity, and … Continue reading American Progressivism

Life, Liberty & Levin: Promoting Americanism and Constitutionalism

It’s not a big secret that the constitutional lawyer and radio show host, Mark Levin, has something special about him. Just listen to one of his audio segments, and you will find his perspective to be extremely compelling. With a hilariously sarcastic wit, and a well-thought Conservative philosophy, he stands like a truly principled lone … Continue reading Life, Liberty & Levin: Promoting Americanism and Constitutionalism

Sanctuary Campus: It’s illegal.

Texas State University is currently violating federal and state laws without consequences. Under current immigration law, universities are prohibited from providing most forms of public assistance to illegal immigrants; moreover, public schools are required to report illegal aliens to authorities- both of which Texas State University is violating by granting in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. … Continue reading Sanctuary Campus: It’s illegal.