Modern Science

Science is not to discover facts, by closing itself off to spiritual, metaphysical, and abstract concepts, and holding them as mere popular sentiment, not by exalting rational empiricism into a supreme sphere, nor by conditioned responses. Rather by disconnecting one authoritative source, positivism, by achieving what Strauss deemed impossible—a science of wisdom, in part, by […]

On Modern Education

The question if a moral one can venture a modern university, whether one will grow grave upon surrender, is not of any point beyond that of avoiding persecution. Respect of timeless truths one cannot expect from the academies of reinterpretations and revisions and word salad. And all other improprieties aside, I know of few students … Continue reading On Modern Education

Authoritarian Government

Modern utilitarians and communitarians and progressives are of interdependent philosophies that serve each other's ends. They often hold views of government that it ought respond to domestic crisis with ample tenacity. They have indeed recognized a threat that lurks about the nation. To say that not each group within the political arena, save radical outliers, … Continue reading Authoritarian Government

The National Debt is out of control.

Reckless spending, bloated bureaucracy, and unaccountable leaders adequately describes the current situation of American government. Congress has not balanced the budget in decades, and future generations are going to pay a tragic price. Not enough of our representatives seem to be concerned about this treacherous path, since both parties just keep making and upholding lofty … Continue reading The National Debt is out of control.

The Hypocrisy of the Democratic Party

It is interesting to watch the Democratic Party conduct themselves sanctimoniously, as if they have not awareness of hypocritical stances, are simply deceitful, or both. It is a party that is fueled by dividing Americans, encouraging radicalism in the name of activism, and corrupting the American culture--especially the young. When they try to lecture the … Continue reading The Hypocrisy of the Democratic Party

Article V Convention of States

As discussed in my last article, the Progressive movement has attacked liberty and law and order over the past century. We are now living in a post-constitutional era. Our lawmakers, federal courts, and even presidents pick and choose which principles they think apply and which do not. Lawmakers pass unconstitutional laws, activist judges assert dictatorial … Continue reading Article V Convention of States

American Progressivism

The times have certainly changed for America since she won her independence from a despotic British Empire. The Founding Fathers crafted a federalist system of government, implementing mechanisms to separate powers and limit its scope. The American people are the recipients of this experiment. They have lived in liberty and general prosperity in relation to … Continue reading American Progressivism

Patriotism: A Widely Misunderstood Concept

The word “patriotic” is slowly devolving into a negative connotation, with the image of nationalists and fascists coming to many peoples' minds. These supposed patriots, or parrots, obviously get most people to revolt at the lunacy of such individuals. They chant drivel, embrace ignorance, and tend to be confrontational to those who disagree. This is … Continue reading Patriotism: A Widely Misunderstood Concept

Sanctuary Campus: It’s illegal.

Texas State University is currently violating federal and state laws without consequences. Under current immigration law, universities are prohibited from providing most forms of public assistance to illegal immigrants; moreover, public schools are required to report illegal aliens to authorities- both of which Texas State University is violating by granting in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. … Continue reading Sanctuary Campus: It’s illegal.