The Impeachment Agenda

Since months prior to the election of Donald Trump, we knew that much of the Democratic Party planned to impeach the future President. They have used Stalinist tactics to undermine this man, his family, and the success of his presidency as part of their larger devotion to radically transform politics within the United States.

Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel prosecutor who was unconstitutionally appointed to investigate the Trump Campaign, has released his report. After putting the nation through 2 years of unnecessary division, using corrupt tactics, wasting tax dollars, and provoking hostility toward the president, his probe has found no evidence of collusion and cannot conclude that obstruction of justice occurred. (With the latter allegation in mind, remember that firing James Comey, an employee, was within the president’s executive authority. Never did he have to justify his decision).

Mueller’s report should be the final word on the matter. Yet many Democrats are now demanding him to give testimony and Attorney General William Barr to silence himself. (They want Barr to cancel his press conference on the Special Counsel’s findings because they believe he is the president’s lapdog).

These measures by the Democrats are for the sake of their own power and advancement. They cannot admit just how damaging this all was, or anything else that would cause them to lose seats. Such measures are not, as they have argued, about promoting transparency for Americans. In many ways, they are acting like disconnected elitists in their plans to remove President Trump from office themselves instead of allowing Americans to decide in 2020. This is wrongheaded. The Framers of the Constitution held that impeachment should be reserved for presidents who commit “high crimes and misdemeanors” against the nation. President Trump has not been found to commit such crimes, and it is unclear what criminal activity Mueller was investigating from the beginning. (Collusion is no crime). If anything, all the bad actors should face justice–illegal spying tactics on the Trump Campaign, a falsehood-ridden dossier used to obtain a FISA search warrant, and some FBI officials who demonstrated clear intention to meddle in favor of Hillary Clinton.

So if anyone is undermining our constitutional republic, it is the Democratic Party and the institutions that fall at their whim. The 2020 presidential election is approaching, and we will have a very important choice to make. We can go further down the old and trodden path of totalitarianism, or we can re-elect a president who has enough courage to fight for our liberty and constitutional principles that we inherited from great men. At this defining moment in our history, we need him to lead our nation against the tyranny of the Democratic Party.

By: Cole Levine

24 thoughts on “The Impeachment Agenda

  1. Cole, I always look forward to reading your articles, you never disappoint. You are right on with this one as usual. I am certain we will be hearing about the dangling “obstruction” until election night 2020, but this may be a blessing in disguise. The left is impaired by their blind hatred for this man. This has rendered them ineffective, as their lack of accomplishment during their first 100 days will attest. Keep writing Cole, I look forward to seeing where your talent and political awareness takes you.

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  2. I aligned with the demoncrat party from 1968 -1992. I woke in ’96 didn’t vote. ’98 Bubba proved me right. I walked away for good. Demoncrat party today I don’t recognize. It seems to be worse than Socialist. Closer to Soviet Stalinist tactics. But more Globalist, which is embracing all -Soviet Comm, Socialism, Nazism, all wrapped in the most devious and dangerous Autocratic totalitarianism. Trump is the only one with his finger in the dike holding back the tsunami of evil that is salivating to devour the world a country at a time, America is it’s biggest challenge – take down America, they have the world. Warn your children. There really is a Spaghetti Monster, it’s called The Global Government People Eater.

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  3. Keep it up Cole! You re-enforce my hope that divine intervention will solve the UnAmerican movement in our government. Constitutional law is now so convoluted with redefined definitions that American citizens can no longer depend on it to rid this nation of failure within…which is reducing the US to a 3rd world country. There are so few patriots in a position to help Trump stand against the tsunami of Soros minions. Only the fear of our demise has finally awakened us to face the consequences of our 50 years of apathy. Now what?

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    1. Yes my school’s president, Larry Arnn, once put it perfectly—that the Constitution is now being defined by a series of court cases. It is absurd. Sometimes we have to see a little bit of darkness to understand the beauty of light. It is times like this that test our principles—but if such times do not destroy us, we can come back smarter than before.


  4. So glad you left me a like on “Jesus” today. Thanks. And thank you for this great bold blog. So many conservatives are cowed by the belligerence of the left! I look forward to reading more.

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  5. Hi Cole, thanks for your article. Good reading. It is still early in the game but it looks like the dems are on a path of self destruction. It’s a mad race to see who can get more left. It now looks like Biden and Sanders are the front runners. Sorry state for the country but hopefully Trump gets re-elected. Maybe he might learn some manners but that might be too much to expect. With all the chaos going on, he still might be the President we need at this time.

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