What is Hillsdale College?

As I walked through the landscape of beautiful buildings, trees, and historical monuments, a sense of great wonder came over me. How could it be, that the institution in which I have the privilege to attend, has such wondrousness with all of its majestic serenity and reverence for the good and the old? Professors gave cordial smiles as we walked by, the students were dressed to their best, and discussions were being held about important topics. Everyone seemed so serious about where they were headed, that I had to question why this place gets little attention from college promoters. I knew I had found a place to truly begin and finish my undergraduate education, where I could grow my ethical, intellectual, and spiritual wisdom. To live a good life requires all of these things to happen in harmony.

To say that Hillsdale College is a special school for a bunch of Conservatives does not really tell the whole story. What is this small and isolated place really about anyway? Many people falsely believe that the school is a breeding ground for the Heritage Foundation, where students will merely learn to recite Aristotle, Locke, and other philosophers who espoused many beautiful and timeless ideas. Yet I have already discovered that the school holds much more value than we can really comprehend. In a nation where the culture is in steady decline and moral truths about our human condition are being casually mocked, a school like Hillsdale College can be a great refuge to a young man or woman who seeks to find the truth, while learning how to live a better life with such information.

And how is a Conservative supposed to get by at modern Progressive campuses? As a student who has endured two of them, I must say that both my political and religious values were continuously expected to be suppressed, in order to meet professors’ expectations. They are dangerous–there is something diabolical about them, which we cannot completely understand yet. Many times, I had to choose between standing up for what is right and receiving a good grade. It’s as if these ideologues do not seek to foster a sense of creativity and individualism in each student, but instead force blind conformity to their versions of the truth. Yet, the truth is eternal and unchanging. It will always be there since the laws of nature and nature’s God have already been set in place for us to endure together. That is why, as President Larry Arnn told the students at the Convocation, we must all seek to agree about what the truth really is. What good is it to “agree to disagree” if someone will always be wrong?

It is often said at Hillsdale College that each student will be humbled when they discover just how ignorant they are. Ignorant, not in the sense of careless stupidity, but in the realization that there is so much a mind cannot know in one lifetime due to its own limitations. Everyone goes through it here, but it will ultimately result in valuable lessons about their places in the world. If we all strive to understand the true, the good, and the beautiful, then we can solve at least some of our problems in a dignified manner.


7 thoughts on “What is Hillsdale College?

  1. Cole, you are far beyond your time…. Amazing – And these are your initial thoughts after such a short time at Hillsdale. When someone as young as you has the moral compass that you have, its the result of many hours of soul searching, observation of the world around you, and thought about who you are and want to be as a man. Your brain has already processed more than some will in a lifetime. I can’t wait to hear more as you move through your time there. Keep us posted!

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  2. It’s encouraging to see that you and a few others still have the morals and values of an America past, as well as the drive to learn, and equally important, the intelligence to understand. Some genetic sure, but mostly I suspect that’s the direct result of your upbringing. Thank then P’s when you get a chance.

    Hillsdale is a terrific college, and you will do them proud. It’s just a shame there are too few of both of you. Keep up the good work, and good luck!

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