Enough is enough. Elect Constitutional Conservatives.

I call on my small audience of readers to consider what has happened to our country over the past several years. We are in trouble- a trouble so big and unforeseen, that we may very well be reaching the point of no return. I have explained in previous essays about the decline of our economic principles, constitutional rights, and cultural values. Simply put, our proud identity as a nation has been watered-down and trashed by a small group of elites who want to establish a new world order.

It may be too politically-incorrect to say this, but there is a very sinister nature to these establishment politicians. They hate liberty and individual responsibility. They will also do whatever it takes to prevent an enlightenment of the American populace, since smarter citizens will push them out of power faster than they could ever imagine. We should completely reject politicians that serve corporate donors and themselves before their constituents and the Constitution.

Let’s face it- they look down on you and I. They think we’re just a bunch of simple-minded fools who don’t know what’s best for ourselves. The FBI elites believe we need their mass-surveillance programs in order to be safe. The legislative branch tells us it’s a bad idea to allow us to choose our own health insurance plans. The EPA really wants to enforce through bureaucratic fiat and taxation what cars we can and cannot drive. And the Supreme Court feels so important, as if we need their opinion on every single issue instead of allowing for the proper legislative process. A fancy law degree and a robe are supposedly required to understand a very straightforward founding document. Elitism comes in many forms, but quite frankly, who cares what these pseudo-intellectuals think? Did a government agency give you your intuition and wisdom, or was it your life experiences? Did they raise your family for you? When you hit rock bottom in life, who brought you back up? I think I know the answer.

The time will come to replace our morally-bankrupt representatives, and when it does, the American people will come out in droves. We will vote for Constitutional Conservatives down the aisle. Perhaps we have to settle for a few RINOS, but the message to them will be loud and clear: you will keep your promises to your constituents, and you will not sabotage your own party. We have to reject every single Democrat who runs for office. Their radical party’s only principle is “the ends justify the means.” They do not stand for self-governance, constitutionalism, or a strong national defense. Most of them are traitors to their nation. As many commentators have already warned, they will impeach President Donald Trump if given the opportunity.

What kind of American future do you want your children and grandchildren to have? I can only hope that it is not one with the chains of a monstrous national debt wrapped around their necks, caused by a lazy entitlement culture of the past. Also, the great jobs that your generation enjoyed won’t be nearly as available to the young, since college degrees are becoming more and more worthless as we hand them out like candy. Your children will have to work much harder to distinguish themselves in front of employers.

It is time to take control of Congress. Do not become complacent and assume that your fellow citizens will do it for you. This may very well be our last hope to restore this beautiful nation. Enough is enough.

In the meantime, we need to support Article V Convention of States in order to take power away from Congress through term, taxation, and budget spending limits. Why would they do it to themselves? Click below to get started.



16 thoughts on “Enough is enough. Elect Constitutional Conservatives.

  1. Well said, Cole, and as I was reading this, I was thinking, man, he needs to talk about Convention of States… and there it was, at the end. I encourage EVERYONE who loves Liberty to click on that link at the end of Cole’s post and EDUCATE yourselves, if you haven’t already done so! It IS getting late, and we have little opportunity left to right this ship.

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  2. Good article, and the end result seems accurate—but you give these stupid morons too much credit for intelligence. It’s just Who they are: born that way; genetically bred as socialists by cities, rulers, kings, queens, and enforcers.


    1. Thank you. However, if we talk down to them like that, then I have no basis to point out how the elites belittle the ordinary citizens.

      One of the things that I want to see return to America, since it was here before, is civil discourse. It is acknowledging that although your opponent has very different beliefs, that does not necessarily mean they are less intelligent. Most Liberals assume Conservatives are idiots.

      Sometimes, however, we have people like Chuck Schumer and Maxine Waters who deliberately try to divide and sabotage our political system. For that, they are traitors and perhaps should have no place in the civil discussion.

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  3. Cole, well spoken! your knowledge, vaules, and standards are more than impressive. If you ever run for any political office, and I hope you do, they (the special interests) will be dangling fortunes in front of you that will know doubt question your morals and standards. Don’t bite, keep you soul clean and you will be self rewarded and loved by your voter base. Who knows maybe you will be on Fox news one day as a political news caster. Either way i believe you have a bright future.

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    1. I am very flattered, Guy. I hope I do one day get involved in politics, because it is so important to people like you and I. Whether it’s Congress or news reporting. Well appreciated- thank you.
      I was telling Pam that you guys need to run for something in Chicago. I’m sure you could rile people up.


  4. One thing you talked about, the constant FBI surveillance, is something I’ve been musing about lately. I am not an American, but I think anyone in the first world can identify with the issue of surveillance. The official reason is to “prevent crime” and keep us all safe, which should mean there is no more crime, yes? I’ve started doing some research on how criminals were caught before the computer age, and the smarts it took to track them. I wonder if we’re trading old-fashioned detecting and intelligence for technology that doesn’t always get the job done?

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  5. Wow Cole, I am so impressed. You truest embody the morals and values of this great country’s founding fathers. Keep up the good work!

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  6. I know little of the details of US politics, but I was surprised after your introduction that you seem to hate the Democrats and love Trump. Maybe I have misunderstood?

    You say that “We are in trouble- a trouble so big and unforeseen, that we may very well be reaching the point of no return.” I suspect that you are right, but can’t see what it is. Looking from overseas I see that the US has lost its love for fellow human beings (interesting that the word never appears in your post – only hate).

    There is plenty of money in the US economy. Unfortunately most of it is in the hands of a select few. Any chains that you see are self made by the electorate supporting such a system. Yet if the US is in such economic straits then why do people from outside want to come? Even the near poorest in America have a better life than most of the rest of the world, yet is the response to offer to help? It seems not, rather ‘let’s close our borders and keep out anyone who might reduce our luxury’

    But again, maybe I’ve misread….


    1. You and I agree that the United States economy attracts people from all over the world because of its tremendous wealth creation. However, the U.S. economy is in big trouble because of politicians who have consistently ballooned up her national debt to unsustainable levels. The economy will eventually collapse if this is not fixed.

      We are a nation that accepts immigrants— but they have to be vetted through a legal process. We can’t just let thousands of people illegally cross our borders. We don’t know who they are, where they come from, or what their intentions are. The purpose of immigration is to improve American society— not to be a burden on American citizens.


    2. Also, the United States is consistently ranked as the most charitable nation in the world. You have to create wealth before you give it away. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.


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