Israel, lead the way.

Israel is a nation that manages self-defense, even though it is surrounded by the some of the most brutal regimes. It is also one of the most hated nations–much like the United States. (There are many closeted antisemites in the UN, evident by their constant criticism of Israel trying to defend its citizens from terrorists.)

What was bad is now good, and what were once the self-evident truths about the good are now bad, according to these actors. They do not understand the dignity of moral orders like Israel. They refuse to acknowledge their extreme bias towards this small and vulnerable nation. All we need to remember is that they are siding with radical terrorists instead of the one Middle East nation that sets a shining example.

What is Israel supposed to do anyway about all of their conflicts? Should they just surrender to the terror of radical Islam, which they are capable of wiping out? Should they just give up their holy city, backed by thousands of years of documented evidence, to the rogue menace next door? It is not in the world’s best interests to give something as powerful and influential as Jerusalem over to Palestine, a state that sponsors terrorism. Both Israel’s citizens and the president have proven worthy of leading a stable and successful nation, capable of tremendous humanitarianism.

In fact, Israeli forces recently rescued hundreds of Syrian children and accepted their asylum. But you will not hear that much from the media. As you type “Israel news” into Google, you sit there perplexed as to why most of the displayed stories are hit pieces. It is because the masses hate what is successful, charitable, and good. For example, the United States is consistently ranked number-one as the most charitable nation in the world, yet she is constantly scrutinized for the “greed” of her Capitalism. Does she not have to create wealth before giving it away?

With all that is happening in the world right now, it appears that both Israel and the United States are headed to more violent conflicts. The Iranian Government is on their way to building nuclear weapons, while the mad president is threatening both countries with all-out war. Palestine is sponsoring attacks on Israel, and is planning to take over Jerusalem- all while Syria is provoking war by sending fighter jets into Israel’s airspace.

As for the United States, China is a growing threat with their conquests of sea and land, intellectual property theft against America, cyber warfare on American internet systems, and their ultimate goal of becoming a superpower. Depending on how Trump performs with North Korea, excellent or tragic consequences can occur. As for Russia, they need to be confronted more aggressively for their meddling in our recent presidential election, egregious human rights abuses, and threats to innocent American citizens. However, we would have to be diplomatic. A war with Russia, who we certainly could crush, would still be devastating beyond repair for both sides.

In the dark times of the world, when eternal truths are distorted and the lessons of history are forgotten, we will falter through more tragic lessons. Antisemitism is on the rise everywhere, since the Jews are easy scapegoats for people who cannot solve their own problems. Beware, as it tends to be the radicals of every ideology that attack the Jews. Yet the Jews always have and will survive the violence and tyranny waged against them.

9 thoughts on “Israel, lead the way.

  1. I believe there is inherent evil in this world that fights against what is good. The Jewish people have worked so hard to overcome the devastation of that almost ruined them completely and they are productive, happy people who love their country and want to live in peace. The evil I speak about will always look for them and want to destroy that spirit. It’s similar to the efforts of our president. Look at those who want to eliminate ICE and have the desperation to go on national television and say ICE should be eliminated. They would sell themselves for a vote. But back to Israel, many Jews are returning to live there: because they are called to be in their homeland. Its a beautiful thing to see the healing that comes with new generations and new family and I hope they thrive as a people and country forever. Its Gods will.

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  2. Cole, your article is spot on, as usual. The one puzzling piece I have yet to figure out is the reason so many Jews here vote democrat. Traditionally Jews have voted democrat by a margin of 3-1.

    Knowing both party’s platforms and history, it genuinely astounds me that Jews overwhelmingly support a party that makes no secret of their disdain for Israel. From the UN’s open aggression toward Israel, to the democratic politician’s anti-Israel voting record.

    Along with the lack of support for anything pro-Israel, there is the democrat’s, (obama), very own attempt to influence the Israeli election for Prime Minister.

    Makes me wonder why in the world American Jews continue unphased, to support a party so overtly hostile to them and their homeland.

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