The American culture is in decline.

The American people have proven time and time again throughout their history that they are exceptional. This exceptionalism was the result of a strong culture that understood the fundamental moral truths about our human condition. They knew these truths are eternal and self-evident- not bound to the whims of majorities. They also rejected the nihilistic attitudes of other developed nations, making sure to teach their offspring what it means to be noble, honest and hard-working citizens. They embraced individualism, or the principle that every man and woman has natural rights and should be held responsible for their own actions. Unfortunately, the radicalism of the 1960’s brought on a new wave of moral apathy–a decline in enlightened thinking that has had numerous consequences.

The family, which is the most important unit of any society, has never been weaker. Standards of self–responsibility have decreased to the point where it is not the honest individuals who are rewarded, but instead the ones who find a way to claim victimhood. As well, young minds are being corrupted by agenda–driven ideologues in public schools in order to serve a national party. Whether or not this cultural degradation is inevitable will not be the focus of this article. Instead, we must discuss the cause, the impact, and the solution.

Before the 1960’s, Americans had a strong and proud national identity. They recognized the incredible amount of liberty and responsibility that they were to uphold. They acted dignified with these freedoms, knowing that a wicked society is bound to lose them. It is well–documented that when the values of developed cultures begin to corrupt, their governments become more massive, centralized, and oppressive. When the burden of responsibility is taken away from each individual, the state is able to increase its role in order to remedy some of the citizens’ needs, using the wealth created by financially successful people. After years and years of wealth redistribution, class warfare, and punishment of the wealth creators, eventually the state will completely progress to Socialism, and if it does not collapse there, it almost always becomes a communist society. That model unfortunately comes from Karl Marx.

The values of a culture are reflected not only in the beliefs and actions of the citizens but also in the entertainment that they choose to consume. Once upon a time, American television shows and movies were family-oriented, and parents could usually trust that their children would not be exposed to explicit content. Vulgar and demeaning music that glorified drugs and violence was not the norm, but usually the creation of unsuccessful social outcasts. Now, American kids are constantly being desensitized to drugs, violence, profanity, and sex. They have instant access to visuals and sounds that damage the mind.

About 50% of marriages end in divorce, more than a third of children and teenagers live in fatherless homes, 25% of unborn children face abortion, and religious beliefs are declining in America, while radical Islamism increases in the Middle East. Many people do not think this is a problem, believing that single mothers can properly raise children, abortions are necessary, all of religion is a fictitious concept, and radical Islam is not a grave threat to the American people. I am not one of them.

What is the solution? Start with you and your own family. Teach your children the clear distinctions between right and wrong. Although it is sometimes difficult to determine the right choice, certain self-evident principles will always guide them, such as honesty, modesty, and courage. Teach your children to be active and hard-working, not lazy and reliant on technology. Have them constantly communicate with others. Show them how to live for a higher purpose, helping them avoid a hedonistic life.

I am definitely not of the age or moral status to lecture you and how you conduct your own family. These are some observations that most Americans already know. It is important to remember that the young generations need to be better than ourselves. Rapid cultural deterioration through the generations signifies the end of a nation.

9 thoughts on “The American culture is in decline.

  1. Good article Cole! The downward spiral has been hard to experience and accept throughout these years. I remember when i wouldn’t let my sons watch Michael Jackson videos where he pranced about grabbing all the wrong parts and people thought that was extreme… Parents have been too quick to roll with the trends to stay in the majority. The problem is, it takes a long time to turn a big ship (to the good)…. Keep up the great work!!!!

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    1. It must have been hard to witness it all. I was born right before times began to become much worse. Unfortunately, our American society is barely distinguishable anymore from European nations.


  2. The Left has, by plan, infiltrated our education systems, entertainment industry and the media. They never stop, they never sleep. They continue in their march to destroy our culture. Spineless wimps in the Congress like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell would rather go-along-get-along than stand up to the Left …

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  3. While I totally agree with your diagnosis of America’s ills, I disagree on the cause. Having lived and worked abroad on four continents as a university lecturer for the past 15 years, I’ve had the opportunity to observe the positive and negative aspects of daily life and then compare it to what I’ve experienced in the USA. A stable family unit is the key element in producing harmony in all the contexts where I’ve lived.

    However, I think we would disagree on the causes of family decline and cures for America’s ills. If more socialistic policies such as income redistribution is one of the causes, then why are family units so closely knit in countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany? My belief is that it’s America’s rampant-individualism (yes, the very thing that made the country great at one time) has over-reached its limits, causing an epidemic of ‘Me First’ that plays itself out in every crisis we see on the news.

    The other problem is Capitalism-run-amok. Americans are so addicted to shopping (just like we’ve been programmed to do since our unsustainable consumption-driven economy depends so heavily on it) that many have come to place more importance on keeping up with the Jones’ than on giving their kids love or working out the inevitable problems that arise in any marriage.

    Politically-speaking, I don’t personally like either extreme, because I believe in using critical thinking skills and doing thorough, personal research before drawing conclusions. I really dislike the knee-jerk reactionaries we have on both sides of the aisle these days in Washington, DC. I believe the US citizens need to break the strangle-hold of the two major corporations that run DC–the Democratic and Republican National Committees–and develop multiple viable political parties.

    But most of all, we need to stop calling each other names and start finding common ground to work out differences of opinion so we can all work together to build a stronger and more sustainable America for the future.

    On my blog, I share my experiences and observations of living in foreign cultures with an eye toward borrowing the best practices from each. As you’ve said, America is far from perfect and it would be wise for us to see how other populations are dealing with some of the same cultural and political issues.

    so, if you’re interested…

    All the best with your writing and I’m now a follower.

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    1. I think you may have confused my arguments. I never suggested that socialist policies are the cause of a weakened family unit. Read again, and you will see I argued that when the values of cultures corrupt, then their governments take a larger role within all of their lives, often meaning a socialist system. As a believer in the sacred strengths between families, I would never suggest that something as arbitrary as tyranny could ever weaken their bonds, unless by physical removal.

      Yes, families in the nations you listed are definitely close, but not because of government policies.

      I will take individualism over the slavery of collectivism any day. There’s so many types of individualism to discuss, but if we are going over economic individualism, we both know that it grows the economy and spurs innovation. Perhaps you do not wish to live in a very economically advanced society which is fine. But it can’t come from a culture that has forgotten the importance of the individual. You may say China, but the vast majority of its citizens live at a much lower standard of living than here. It is only because they become more capitalist, that they keep growing faster and faster.

      You can talk about consumer programming all day, which lightly suggests that Americans are gullible and dumb. I say every person should take their own responsibility to buy only what they need at store. Simple.

      If you don’t like the extreme, then you will like my ideology. I don’t believe in the nonsense that comes with an extremist philosophy, such as radicalism, change through violence, religious fanaticism, or massive restriction and redistribution of wealth. Perhaps you believe in basing all of your beliefs on scientific evidence, but I do not worship science. I am advocate for also looking at the human experience, history, what has worked, what has not, and my own personal experience. I don’t just believe in Conservative ideas, I also live a very Conservative life.

      The massive corporate state we live in, by and large, is the result of extreme crony capitalism and other forms of government interference in the private sector.

      You are an advocate for compromise, which is fine, but certain issues, like the Constitution, should not be compromised.

      Thank you for your comment, and I will look at your writing.


  4. Sad, I am 54, I never got married and never had any kids. I have had an addiction problem that dates back to my teenage years and was damaged even more by liberal social worker. I have no tolerance for progressive liberals and need them to stay clear of me if we our bot to be able to survive on the same planet together. I dont make a habit of bothering anyone and infact I never thoght there would come a time when I felt that I would start cotemplating the truth they I may just have to turn my back on the human race. Now it seems that I am planning the time that will soon come that I will if things just a reality of the culmination of it all quite proaqbly will all fall in to place. I will go where I need to go into first choice the Alaskan wilderness to live out the last part of my time here on earth ut not have to be in a controlled envirement of the men of today who are not only cowards but the biggest hypocrits ever to walk the face of the earth. AMEN

    i don’t.
    i am content to be y myself and will continue to do so. I never thought that there .


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